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Re: GnomeICU & update menu

On Thu, May 13, 1999 at 04:13:15PM +0200, The MaDd0k wrote:
> Hello,
> I just installed gnome packages and gnomeicu.
> I am disapointed by gnomeicu because it crashes a lot...
> There is a simple things to do in order to prevent crashes

Please submit a bug on the package and possibly a patch. This way the
maintainer has the chance to update it and make a workable version.

> If someone give me the method to create a new package and how
> to get it in the distro I could maintain that package...

If this package is new you have to apply for maintainer. See the homepage
section developers corner for more info.

> About the menu package :
> Isn't it supposed to update gnome and WindowMaker menus ?
> It does not on my station...
> Does anyone knows why ?

AFAIK packages update menus for fvwm, wm. I think gnome sould be supported as
well. The reason for a non-working update is the omission of update-menus in
the install script. You can check this on an installed package to look in
/var/lib/dpkg/info/<package>.{postinst,postrm}. There should be a reference
like 'if test -x /usr/bin/update-menus ; then update-menus ; fi'

You can contact the maintainer if this is not functioning properly.
(mail <package>@packages.debian.org e.g.)



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