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Re: video card installation

On Mon, May 31, 1999 at 11:22:38AM +0100, Nikita Schmidt wrote:
> On Saturday, 29 May, Michael Barnes wrote:
> > 
> > Anyway, I bought a Diamond S220, and when I put it in the machine the
> > machine does not boot at all with that card in it, if I put the other one
> > back in its fine.
> > 
> You mean, you can't even see the console?  Did you try both SRM and
> AlphaBIOS?  Different consoles have different versions of the x86 BIOS
> emulator, it might be that one of them works where the other one fails.

No, I can't even see the console.

Here's what it does.

The monitor led is orange (standby mode).
It powers up.
The monitor led turns green (operational mode).
The monitor led blinks green (??? mode).
The system just sits there.

It may be at the srm prompt waiting for input, (it is not set up to boot
directly, I haven't saved the boot environment variable in the console).


> Nikita
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