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Re: IDE drives under debian-alpha

Jean-Paul Blaquiere writes:
 > > On May 12, Andreas Trottmann scrawled :
 > > > Is there a problem getting linux to boot off of
 > > > a _slave_ HDD (hdb or hdd)?
 > > 
 > > I can't imagine any, but I only know AlphaBIOS -- I'v never used (not even
 > > seen) srm.
 > > 
 > only if you use alphabios.  SRM knows nothing about IDE drives and thus won't
 > boot off them AFAIK.

This is not always true, there are SRM versions which are perfectly
able to boot from IDE drives (it is definitely the case for LX164, I
would bet it is also true for miata and sx164 too, and maybe others).

And IDE performance with the newer kernel is not that bad with DMA
enabled (I have not done extensive measurement, but a bonnie result
was not far to what you get with a PII PC using the same disk, the
Alpha was maybe about 10% slower). You need to compile the kernel with
the right chipset support.


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