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Xfree S3 Server


Anyone having any problems, or know of any solutions to my problem with
the Xfree S3 Server running on an Alpha AS300-4/266 Avanti Kernel.

If I run it in 16 bit mode I get a few minutes use out of it but too much
in the way of change on the screen (drag an XTERM around for example) and
the whole system locks up solid.  I mean *tight*, telnet won't let you in
to kill it off so I guess something has killed it in hardware, or the
hardware is killing it itself.

If I run in 8 bit mode it runs fine, if a little starved for colours :)

Any help greatly appreciated!

I'm running 
*** Opt x11      xserver-s3

This is a SLINK install that is now running in the unstable domain so I
guess i'm running the current version of Potato.

My video card is a Number 9 S3 card, 2 mb RAM.

Thanks in advance.
Matthew Peddlesden.

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