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Re: Problem installing Slink on UDB/Multia

On Thu, May 13, 1999 at 05:07:33PM -0400, Nathan P. Hawkins III wrote:

> Or better yet, use aboot. With the ARC/Milo scheme I had problems almost
> every time I booted. And it's slow. SRM and aboot is much faster, and it's
> the easiest boot loader to reconfigure I've seen for Linux. To change
> kernels, you can just copy the file and reboot. I love it!

I use SRM/MILO with no problems. The speedup offered by aboot would not make
much difference now that SRM spends >10s testing the 160MB of RAM I have in
the box.

> There are just a couple of catches:
> 1. you have to partition your disk BSD-style (use fdisk, not cfdisk)

And the BSD-disklabel code in fdisk is rather broken. Maybe I should write
disklabel code for cfdisk... hmm...

> 2. aboot doesn't seem to like compressed kernels (easy fix for that)
> 3. it's not the best documented setup I've seen...  (see the SRM-HOWTO)

Also note that SRM/aboot IIRC will eat a lot (4.5mb?) of memory.


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