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Re: KDE 1.1.1 debs

On Wed, May 05, 1999 at 04:38:25PM -0700, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:

> > I didn't compile the kpilot package because the pilot-link version in slink
> > seems to be not enough (kpilot wants 0.9.0+, I only have 0.8.11) and it
> > also seems to be a bit broken (/usr/sbin/pilotconfig is mode 644 and thus
> > not executable). I'll probably build a new pilot-link tomorrow and try to
> > build kpilot then.
> oh yea! :)
> I'll work on this for ya.

Well, in the meantime I grabbed the 0.9.0-1 sources from potato and built
them on my slink system. With the exception of the Tcl part needing
libpisock (and not finding it because it has just been built and not yet
installed), and the permission problem (/usr/sbin/pilotconfig was mode 644)
it built well.

I worked around the problems by installing the freshly built libpisock in
/usr/lib and build the package again, and by doing chmod 755
debian/tmp/usr/sbin/pilotconfig && dh_builddebs. It seems to have done the

kpilot then built well, I just can't test it because I'm 20 km away from my
alpha now and my hotsync cable is not long enough ;)

the new stuff is on ftp://ftp.aart.ch/pub/kde/alternative/pilot

Andreas Trottmann <andreas.trottmann@werft22.com>

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