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Re: IDE drives under debian-alpha

> On May 12, Andreas Trottmann scrawled :

> > Is there a problem getting linux to boot off of
> > a _slave_ HDD (hdb or hdd)?
> I can't imagine any, but I only know AlphaBIOS -- I'v never used (not even
> seen) srm.
only if you use alphabios.  SRM knows nothing about IDE drives and thus won't
boot off them AFAIK.
aboot might know about IDE, I haven't had need to check yet, but I daresay
that if you are stretched (ie have to boot via srm) then you could boot milo
off a scsi drive, then load linux off your IDE system.  You would probably
need to compile IDE support into your milo though.... or, Nikita, does milo
come with IDE support by default?

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