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Re: IDE disks and Multia/UDB

On Friday, 14 May, Dang Hoang Nguyen wrote:
> Ok,
> I have a 2.5" ide disk from a laptop. I plug it into the Multia using the
> on board IDE header and a 44-pin IDE cable. ARC firmware recognize the
> drive as 
> multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)	(RAW)
> I booted milo on the attached scsi drive and got to the prompt.
> I try to boot Debian on the scsi drive and a bunch of dots appear at 
> Please wait while setting up devices...
> The dots continue for a while without any apparent sign of booting. It I
> take out the ide drive the system will boot fine.

Could you please issue the command "set VERBOSE 1" prior to booting from
MILO to see device initialisation messages and mail them to me.

I had similar experience with a PCI IDE card, but decided the card was
just not good (it was an old CMD640 based device).  The Multia
controller must be fine, however.  Has anybody else had any experience
with IDE?  How well does Linux cope with it?



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