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IDE disks and Multia/UDB

I have a 2.5" ide disk from a laptop. I plug it into the Multia using the
on board IDE header and a 44-pin IDE cable. ARC firmware recognize the
drive as 
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)	(RAW)

I booted milo on the attached scsi drive and got to the prompt.
I try to boot Debian on the scsi drive and a bunch of dots appear at 
Please wait while setting up devices...

The dots continue for a while without any apparent sign of booting. It I
take out the ide drive the system will boot fine. I made a small dos
partition on the ide disk and still get the same error. I know the ide
disk work because I fdisked and formatted it in windows fine.
I'm using the latest version of milo btw.


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