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AS255 and sound

I have tried to get the on-board sound card working in my alphastation 255.
It is a Microsoft Sound system with an 1854 codec chip (that's the number on
the chips at any rate).  Looking through the kernel and OSS sources, the only
codec chips that it looks as though that are supported are the 1816 and the
1848 chips.

Something that makes me think something's wrong, is when the SRM console is
booting, it says "no sound card in isa config table not configuring, even when
specified explicitly with iconfig.  It then shows up with >>> iscfg -slot 1 

i compiled the sound support directly into the kernel, and the sound subset
said "Microsoft Sound system" but there was also a Compaq XL soundcard detected
and that was what was set to default, even though I had not specified that
anywhere in the configs.  I then tried installing it as modules.  They
compiled ok, insmod'd okay, but `cat /proc/sound` gave no devices being active.
/dev/sndstat also gave a lack of anything being present.

does anyone have any ideas?

Jean-Paul Blaquiere
          0411 726 351   I.H.T.F.P
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	  think	 aloud.
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