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Re: KDE 1.1.1 debs

Quoting Andreas Trottmann <andreas.trottmann@werft22.com>:

> OK, building is (almost) complete and the files are on
> ftp://ftp.aart.ch/pub/kde/alternative

I will grab them and put them up on :

deb http://snowcrash.tdyc.com/debian slink rkrusty

so people can download via apt-get

> I didn't compile the kpilot package because the pilot-link version in slink
> seems to be not enough (kpilot wants 0.9.0+, I only have 0.8.11) and it
> also seems to be a bit broken (/usr/sbin/pilotconfig is mode 644 and thus
> not executable). I'll probably build a new pilot-link tomorrow and try to
> build kpilot then.

oh yea! :)

I'll work on this for ya.

> AFAIC the whole thing works (not that I'd given it extensive testing... I
> should be in bed anyway :-) ), so check it out!

ok...tho I can't personally check it out either. :)


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