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Re: installation problem when installing device driver modules

Jan Rhebergen wrote:

> Hi there,
> I've got a PWS433a (miata) system which I want to install Debian (slink)
> on. However the installation procedure skips the "configure device driver
> modules" step after installing them from either floppy or cdrom. I've
> noticed that when installing them from floppy in the previous step, a
> message apears about not being able to mount the floppy, either wrong fs
> or bad superblock.
> Anyone any idea what the problem might be?

  "Me too."

  A few days ago I installed Slink from scratch on my sx164/533 using the 990305
disk set from
http://lhpca.univ-lyon1.fr/axp/debian.html and I experienced exactly the same
phenomenon. It doesn't actually skip the device configuration step, but the new
window is shown for such a short time that it is totally impossible to see what
it says. After the window is closed dbootstrap considers the drivers to be
configured (which they are not), and there is apparently nothing one can do
about it. This was troublesome, as I intended to install via NFS. I got around
the problem by temporarily mounting a CDROM drive in the machine and later
logging in and configuring the drivers manually.
  I didn't report this right away as I am new to Debian and Alpha and believed
it to be my own fault, but the earlier report shows this not to be the case. In
a few weeks time I am going to install Slink on another machine virtually
identical to the present one save for the VGA card, so if anyone has any ideas
or want me to try an experimental disk set(up) then, let me know. The present
box is available for experimentation too if needed, as I have a spare HD.

  The setup:
  SX164/533 upgraded to AlphaBIOS 5.66.
  128MB, 1.2GB IDE NEC DSE1340A HD.
  3C509B (rev. C), Millenium II 8MB.

  Hope this helps.


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