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Re: RAM for AS255/300

> On May 27, William Brioschi scrawled :

> The motherboard has eight 72-pin SIMM sockets, so I suppose I can install
> some kind of standard SIMMs. Does anybody know exactly what kind of
> modules should I buy? I mean: fast page, EDO, parity, ECC, only 4M
> modules, only 64M modules, must mount in pairs, most mount 4 a time...
peruse manual of AS255 ......
memory: exist in banks of 4, thus two banks of 8,16,32,64... up to 1GB so I'd
say 128MB works too.
60 or 70ns I can't remember, and the machin'es not in front of me atm to check
either.   the bus runs at 33MHz if that helps.
parity RAM required.  bus is 134 bits -- 128 bits of data and 4 of parity.
if you need any more help, I can gladly do so.

Jean-Paul Blaquiere
          0411 726 351   I.H.T.F.P
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