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RAM for AS255/300

This question is a bit off-topic, but I have two nice-looking slink/alpha
CDs here and no working machine to install to, so maybe someone can help

I've been offered a used Alphastation 255 at a good price, but without
RAM (which was sold separately for some stupid reason).
Digital (Italy) asked me about 500$ for 32 megs, which seems crazy (and
no, I can't spend more for the RAM than for the rest of the workstation).

The motherboard has eight 72-pin SIMM sockets, so I suppose I can install
some kind of standard SIMMs. Does anybody know exactly what kind of
modules should I buy? I mean: fast page, EDO, parity, ECC, only 4M
modules, only 64M modules, must mount in pairs, most mount 4 a time...


Ciao, William - a perspective debian/alpha user

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