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Re: installation problem when installing device driver modules

Jan Rhebergen wrote:

> Frank,
> I managed to read the window that appears for a split second. It says
> something like "please wait while determining your configuration and the
> next step in the installation procedure".

  This still sounds incorrectly when I read the installation manual. I think it is a
bug, and it appears there are several more in the boot floppies (92 to be exact).




> By the way, sometimes I also used to get (intermittently) an error mesage
> about a broken loop device while trying to mount the (scsi) cdrom.

  Broken kernel? It was only when I upgraded one of my i386 machines from 2.2.3 to
2.2.9 that all SCSI related problems appears to have gone away, though it is too
early to tell for sure. Somehow I doubt that 2.0.36 is any better if again one should
judge from the bug reporting system:

http://www.debian.org/Bugs/db/pa/lkernel-image-2.0.36.html  Several SCSI related

  Perhaps some of the oldtimers want to enlighten us newbies as to what _really_ goes
on here? ;-)

  Clutching for straws.


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