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Instructions for running DEC UNIX netscape on Linux

Hi all,

I guess some of you will find these instructions useful, I worked this out
last night and it runs like a charm...

You need:

1. The following libraries from /usr/shlib and other places (watch out, some
are symlinks):

libXm.so at 0x242f2000
libXmu.so at 0x244a6000
libXt.so at 0x244c8000
libX11.so at 0x24536000
libXext.so at 0x2463a000
libdnet_stub.so at 0x244be000
libm.so at 0x24652000 (symlink to /usr/shlib/generic/libm.so)
libots.so at 0x246ba000 (symlink to /usr/ccs/.../libots.so IIRC)
libc_r.so at 0x246c4000 (hardlink to libc.so in /shlib)
libcxx.so at 0x247e4000
libSM.so at 0x24812000
libICE.so at 0x24824000
libexc.so at 0x2481e000

2. /sbin/loader, /etc/svc.conf

3. navigator-v408-export.alpha-dec-osf3.2.tar.gz or your preferred version

4. Fortify-1.4.1-unix-alpha.tar.gz from ftp.fortify.net if you want 128bit
crypto and like me are outside the US

Install netscape as usual using the provided installer into
/usr/local/netscape. It will complain about not being able to run vreg, ignore
it. Then put all the above shlibs into /usr/local/netscape/shlib, loader must
be in /sbin and mode 755, svc.conf needs to go into /etc and mode 644 or

You can then run netscape using the following shell script:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/netscape/shlib
export MOZILLA_HOME=/usr/local/netscape
exec ${MOZILLA_HOME}/netscape $*

Notes: DNS doesn't work. Use a proxy and put it in /etc/hosts.
	   In order to install Fortify you need to run the fortify binary in
	   .../alpha-dec-osf3.2/bin directly since the shell installer barfs.

       You will get occasional messages from the kernel about unsupported
	   syscalls, etc. These don't seem to harm the application in any way.

       The shlibs I tested this with are from Digital UNIX 4.0E. Your mileage
	   may vary. Note you probably need a licence for the shlibs from
	   DEC/Compaq, you may be covered by a campus licence or something.

Happy browsing!

Martin Lucina http://www.kotelna.sk/mato/ Wellington, New Zealand
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