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new libc6.1 and nis


I've recently upgraded to potato, and I now have a problem with nis.  I
have the following error when trying to bind.

# ypbind -broadcast -debug 
add_server() domain: vacaville, broadcast, slot: 0
[Welcome to ypbind-mt, version 1.3]

clntudp_create: out of memory
clntudp_create: out of memory
clntudp_create: out of memory
Unable to register (YPBINDPROG, YPBINDVERS, udp).

I had a problem when installing libc6.1_2.1.1_1.deb which might be
contributing to this problem.  The 'preinst' section contains:

    if dpkg --compare-versions "$2" lt 2.0.8; then
        mkdir /lib/glibc-tmp
        mv -f /lib/libnss_*.so.1 /lib/glibc-tmp
        mv -f /lib/libnss_*-2.0.?.so /lib/glibc-tmp

which failed, since my system had only libnss_*.so.1.1 files and no
libnss_*.so.1 files.  Anyways, through various maneuvers, I'd arranged so
/lib/libnss_*.so.1 -> libnss_*-2.0.7.so
/lib/libnss_*.so.1.1 -> libnss_*-2.0.7.so
which I thought was correct, though I'm not sure.

Any advice on traking down this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Quinn Hart  <quinn@ucdavis.edu> 530/752-7857
Land, Air and Water Resources--University of California--Davis, CA 95616-8628

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