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Install on AS300-4/266


I've given up trying to get RedHat working reliably and with all the
software I need on the Alpha, 6.0 seems to crash under X and 5.2 doesn't
seem to like upgrading its packages.  On the promise that Debian is a more
solid system - especially in its package management, I've decided to give
it a try however I'm having major problems installing :)

I've got resc1440.bin, on boot (boot dva0) it gives me a MILO> prompt, not
the boot: prompt that's referred to in the install manual.  If I set fd0:
as the device and ls, I can see 'linux' the kernel and I can see
'root.bin' - except that root.bin is 0 bytes in length.

I can't download root1440.bin from debian.org because it just returns a
404 Not Found, i'll check the FTP in a moment.

With an external root1440.bin how do I tell it to read that disk? I guess
similar to redhat, ie. boot fd0:/linux load_ramdisk=1 root=/dev/fd0  ?

Am I also right in thinking that I need the base*.tgz sitting on the hard
drive somewhere? (i've got two drives in the machine, one currently has
the debian distribution on it, the other is the intended destination for
the install).

Any help appreciated!!

Matthew Peddlesden.

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