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Re: libc6.1-dev compile error

On 30 Apr 1999, John Goerzen wrote:

> Yeah, looks like somebody's clock was screwed up.  I'm getting lots
> of errors like this when I build X:
> make[5]: *** Warning: File `/usr/include/sys/types.h' has modification time in the future (1555989690 > 925526087)
> I hope somebody will be recompiling this shortly :-)

Yep...my fault.  I had compiled it before I noticed my clock skew...
I just ran into a HUGE problem on my UDB, so I can't recompile right away
unfortunately.  I'll do my best to try, however.  I want to update the
kernel headers with -dev anyway, so I'll be looking into a recompile this
week.  In the meantime, touch everything in /usr/include and things should
be happier for the time being...

Sorry again!

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