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Ethernet card not working


I have some follup information to this and my original posting.
Apperently there has been some minor (heh) changes to the 2114x
programing which has not resulted in a change in part number.  Anyway
I call the vendor and he is sending a new card.  According to him the
cards with the chip number 21143-pd are the one's that have problems.
Note that a 21143 should work its the 'pd' that indicates a problem.

Also to quote from the Ethernet-HOWTO:

Warning: Even though your card may be based upon this chip, the
drivers may not work for you. David C. Davies writes: 

``There are no guarantees that either `tulip.c' OR `de4x5.c' will run
any DC2114x based card other than those they've been written to
support. WHY?? You ask. Because there is a register, the General
Purpose Register (CSR12) that (1) in the DC21140A is programmable by
each vendor and they all do it differently (2) in the DC21142/3 this
is now an SIA control register (a la DC21041). The only small ray of
hope is that we can decode the SROM to help set up the
driver. However, this is not a guaranteed solution since some vendors
(e.g. SMC 9332 card) don't follow the Digital Semiconductor
recommended SROM programming format."


Hopefully this is not too much information, and is relevant to other
readers of this list.

>>>>> "Kirt" == Kirt Runolfson <kirt@nwadv.com> writes:

    Kirt> I have an EB164 with a Cogent EM100 TX PCI 10/100 Fast
    Kirt> Ethernet adapter.  When I fire the machine up into the Debug
    Kirt> Monitor it shows the card as:

    Kirt>   Am79C960 driver loaded: Ethernet Device: 0 ISA base
    Kirt> address: 360, IRQ: 9, DMA Mask: 1

    Kirt> I can then do a showpci and get this: Bus 0, device 5,
    Kirt> function 0: Ethernet controller: DEC DC21140 (rev 18) Medium
    Kirt> devsel.  Fash back-to-back capable.  IRQ 18.  Master
    Kirt> Capable.  Latency=32.  I/O at 0x8800 Non-prefetchable 32 bit
    Kirt> memory at 0xa000000.

    Kirt> When I launch the linux kernel this is what is reported by
    Kirt> the kernel:

    Kirt>   eth0: DC21140 at 0x8800 (PCI bus 0, device 5), h/w address
    Kirt> 0d:96:32:c3:ff:00, eth0: Cannot find correct PCI device [5]
    Kirt> for SROM decoding!

    Kirt> What do they mean "Cannot find correct PCI device [5] for
    Kirt> SROM decoding"?  Do I need to compile a module for it?  I
    Kirt> hope not because this is the only Alpha I have access to.
    Kirt> Any help would be appreciated.

    Kirt> Thanks,

    Kirt> Kirt

    Kirt> P.S.  I was also unsuccessful at getting a 3c905b to work in
    Kirt> the machine.  I kept getting an error message to the effect
    Kirt> of device not found or device busy.  That is not the exact
    Kirt> error message though.

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