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Re: seti@home

On Fri, 14 May 1999, Luke Shulenburger wrote:

> I ran across the seti@home web site today and noticed that they have
> released their client for the general public.  Unfortunately I noticed that
> there was no alpha linux port.  There are however three different ports to
> dec unix.  I understand that these can run on linux, but do you take a
> performance hit when you run dec binaries on a linux box?  If so, would it
> be worth asking them for the source code so we might be able to do a port?

I e-mailed them already and asked for an alpha-linux port, but have gotten
no responce.  If anyone's really interested in running it, I suggest you
email as well (since volume=replies in most cases).

I also mentioned that I would be happy to sign an NDA and port it for them
as long as the binaries get generated.  Anyone else with programming
experience with Alphas and Linux should do the same (maybe if they like
the idea, we could all colaborate on it and get it done faster).


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