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Re: installation problem when installing device driver modules

On Mon, 17 May 1999, Frank Nikolajsen wrote:

> Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 22:09:42 +0200
> From: Frank Nikolajsen <frn@image.dk>
>   A few days ago I installed Slink from scratch on my sx164/533 using the 990305
> disk set from
> http://lhpca.univ-lyon1.fr/axp/debian.html and I experienced exactly the same
> phenomenon. It doesn't actually skip the device configuration step, but the new
> window is shown for such a short time that it is totally impossible to see what
> it says. After the window is closed dbootstrap considers the drivers to be


I managed to read the window that appears for a split second. It says
something like "please wait while determining your configuration and the
next step in the installation procedure". 

By the way, sometimes I also used to get (intermittently) an error mesage
about a broken loop device while trying to mount the (scsi) cdrom.



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