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 > At last I have installed the base system on my alpha station, but I want to
 > boot from SRM so I partition the disk as BSD, the problem is the when I boot, 
 > the debian process of installation don't start.  It mount the partition as read
 > only. I mounted again the partion as rw and now dselect works, but i have some
 > problems:
 >  The boot script in /etc/init.d aren't executed, and the swap partition isn't
 > activated. I think it's because when i do a df it sys to me than I only have
 > mounted the /proc. However I have the root directory. 
 > There is some solution to this problem?
 > How can linux work with  this kind os partitions?. Docimentation?

There should be no problem at all with using BSD-style partitions. 

Looks something is wrong with your install, did you install the base
system through the normal installation process?


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