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linux install on as200

i really don't want to use RedHat, so please help a guy who is down on his

i was trying to get my alpha booted with "990305/rootserial.bin: an
alternative root disk to boot/install on a serial console " from
the massive list of disk images. i tried this image because i do not have
a video card in the machine.

i attempted an install a while ago, so i am not too sure of the details,
but i remember that image file would not boot. i think maybe the file had
a problem. i was using a standard rawrite on a windows box.

i also remember thinking that the documentation for the installs wasn't
very clear.

could you break down the steps for me in the following manner...

1. which disk do you need to boot first
2. which disk do you need to boot second
3. what is the name of the kernel and what bootflags are required
4. are there any specific MILO instructions

i'm just trying to get to the install screens on an as200 4/233
without a video card using SRM console. i'm not sure what install method i
want to use. if there isn't an ftp method i'll probably do NFS from
another machine.

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