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Re: libc problem during potato upgrade

On Fri, May 14, 1999 at 03:24:44AM -0700, ninjaz@webexpress.com wrote:
> Hi,
> Got this doing apt-get dist-upgrade from link -> potato today.
> Setting up libc6.1 (2.1.1-5) ... 
> undefined symbol: _dl_default_scope

Please check the versions in /lib. Do you have eg:

If so, then try running ldconfig by hand. This should update all symlinks and
fix the problem with libnss_compat since this is effectively a symlink to

Did you upgrade bash, ncurses, libstdc* etc as well?? If the problem starts
with a non-functional bash the postinst script is possibly not run. Check if 
this is the case.

If bash is the problem 'ar x' the bash and move it in place (you must have the
libc-2.1.1.so libraries installed!!)

What options did you use to upgrade?? This makes it easier to give a safe
upgrade path...

HTH some...


B. Warmerdam                                              GNU/Debian Linux
bartw@xs4all.nl, bartw@debian.org (Keyid: 10A0FDD1)       ----------------

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