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Re: glibc6.0 -> glibc6.1 - the story continues

On Sat, May 01, 1999 at 03:28:04PM +0200, Dirk Allard wrote:
> Hi,

Can you post what you did e.g.:

started with kernel 2.x.xx
ran apt / downloaded and dpkg-ed it ??
upgraded which packages and in what order??

To do a good upgrade you have to install at least
dpkg, libncurses, libc6.1, bash (and all their dependencies)

The best way is to use apt. So install apt and upgrade. This should install
potato without problems. 

In my case (what you are referring to), I downloaded only the mentioned
packages since i'm on a slow-pay-per-minute-line. I bumped my head on bash
and dpkg there.

> Anyone here who can help me? I even tried to compile a tar from source
> (hoping it would be a tar problem), but the error remains the same :-(

If you are using a 2.0 kernel upgrade to 2.2. This will most likely solve it

There is also a special tar available which has the lchown call implemented
IIRC. There must me a reference to it in the archives. Please read the upgrade
recommendations as well. They are posted by Chris Chimelis some time ago.



NB: To all developers: We have to put an 'upgrade HOWTO' somewhere on
www.debian.org. This problem is most likely going to hit more users esp. if
the upgrade is not completed succesfully!!!

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