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Re: Our Compiler

On 3 May 1999, John Goerzen wrote:

> During package build attempts yesterday, 9 packages failed to build
> due to 'Internal compiler error' messages.  This also doesn't give
> warm fuzzies inside.
> Does anybody know what the status of our compiler is?  Is there an
> upgrade available?  If so, can somebody please upload it?  If not,
> what can I do to help report these errors -- what info is needed, etc?

It's ugly to report the errors, but well worth the effort.  The few that
I've managed to narrow down have been fixed already, but there are MANY
more optimiser errors in egcs than I thought initially (or they may all be

To "properly" send the bug report to the egcs team, it's always wise to
try to nail down which compiler option EXACTLY is causing the difficulty.
The only way that I know is to try each option that -O2 includes
seperately and together (there's a list in the info files, fyi...I also
have a chart somewhere).  Believe me, they REALLY appreciate that.

The easy way out, though, is to send a preprocessed file to the egcs bug
list (see egcs page at http://egcs.cygnus.com for more info on the rest of
the contents of the message).

If you could start reporting these on a larger scale than I've been able
to, I know more than a few of us would greatly appreciate it :-)


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