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KDE 1.1.1 debs


Because of the overwhelming success ;) of my last attempt at creating alpha
deb packages from KDE 1.1, I created 1.1.1 packages now. They're on

As the "generic" source tars for KDE 1.1.1 were already debianized (this
time even with the correct version number in the changelog), I almost
wouldn't have had anything to do. There was just a bug in the kderules
script in just about every package that made the docs end up in the wrong
place which I worked around (and submitted to the package maintainer)

Release notes:

* IANADD (I Am Not A Debian Developer) [nor a KDE developer for that
  matter], so the packages have in no way "official" status. I still have
  only a vague understanding of the building process for debian packages,
  but I don't seem to have made any big mistake :)

* It Works For Me(TM). If it works for you, fine -- if it doesn't, your
  problem ;)

* The packages are much more complete than last time: korganizer and
  kdetoys also built out of the box, so they're included this time

* kmid and kmidi are not included, since they made egcs bomb out on compile

* kdm seems to work this time. Horray! [not that it would be my merit

Andreas Trottmann <andreas.trottmann@werft22.com>

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