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Re: aboot question

> On May 28, Rx scrawled :

> $  swriteboot /dev/sda bootlx
> fstat bootfile: Invalid argument
no kernel specified, thus it will  fail.

> and there is 7 MB free at the begining of the HD
> this is the kernel 2.2.7
> after make boot,make rawboot 
> i'm running 2.0.36
update to 2.2.x !!!!!! i'm  running 2.2.8 personally and it's much nicer than
any of the 2.0 series :)

I also usually do a make boot, rather than a rawboot.
people: what's the diff between rawboot and boot?

> $ swriteboot /dev/sda bootlx ../vmlinux.gz 
> fstat kernel: Invalid argument

> $ e2writeboot /dev/sda5 bootlx 
> fstat: Invalid argument
writes to an ext2 filesystem.  It's used for making boot floppies.  not for
hard drives AFAIK.

> aboot.conf :
> 0:5/linux ro root=/dev/sda5

1. aboot /dev/sda 5
swriteboot -f1 -f3 /dev/sda /boot/bootlx /linux

you need to partition your drive with a BSD styule disklabel (fdisk bsd mode
I create a 2MB partition at the beginning of the drive to make sure I don't
use that space for anything but aboot and a kernel.
-f1 -f3 signifies to force the overwriting of those two partitions.
Usually, partition c specifies the whole disk.

note: if you haven't partitioned with BSD disklabels, you will need to reboot
after you have repartitioned your drive.

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