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Weird KB Problem while installing debian-alpha on Highscreen Alpha PC


I'm having big problems installing debian on an Alpha Machine bought
from Highscreen in Germany some time ago.

I've opened the case to find out exactly, what motherboard is used in
this System and comparing it with the AlphaPC165 Manual from DEC I
conclude it must be exactly that mainboard. So the configuration:

- AlphaPC164 Mainboard, 500MHz 21164 Alpha CPU, 256 MB-Ram (256-Bit

- 2x Western Digital Caviar 34000 4GB IDE HD (I know, IDE sucks on
  Alpha, but i did'nt buy the system :-)

- ATAPI IDE cdrom

- Winner 2000AVI/3D Graphics Board.

- Windows NT ARC Firmware.

In the past I have installed Linux Alpha (Redhat 5.2) on a similar
system and have had no major Problems (apart from the reported
Crashing of the X-Server and some such stuff...)

I can create a disk, with milo and ldlinux.exe on it (either the one
from debian's disks-alpha/pc164 directory or using images from
gatekeeper) which successfully boots MILO. But in milo all the
keyboard keys are mixed up, no key giving the letter it should (I
would say the scancodes are all wrong). 

If I set up MILO to automatically boot linux (Using the OSLOADOPTIONS
parameter in the ARC console), the debian installation program starts,
but again all the scancodes are screwed up and the kernel gives lot's
of 'invalid/unrecognized scancode' messages.

I have set the language to 0 and have attached an American keyboard.

I'm really lost and have no idea, how to go on. I'd be realy greatful
if somebody has a cue ...


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