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Please test: New TGA Framebuffer Driver

Hello all,

I have decided to release this code for testing despite the fact that 8bpp is
broken in the hope that it will be useful to some people. I expect that it
will eventually get incorporated into 2.3.x, if not 2.2.x. 

The major new feature is support for multiple resolutions. Apart from this the
code has been rewritten almost from scratch to follow the model in
skeletonfb.c and should therefore be easier to maintain and understand. It
will also make it easier for me to add some acceleration support in the

Get it at ftp.kotelna.sk:/pub/mato/tgafb-1.9.diff.gz which is a diff of the
drivers/video subdirectory against kernel 2.2.9.

Known Issues

- 8bpp is apparently (so please test it anyway) broken. Please test it anyway
  in case it's just Tom's setup. I don't have access to an 8bpp machine
  (pending getting a car and transporting one from a friends garage) so this
  will likely have to wait until Tom finds time to track the bug down or I
  find it without actually testing on an 8bpp card.

- Switching consoles re-initialises all the video timing parameters which
  makes rapid switching slower than it should be and introduces a slight
  (hardly noticeable) flicker. The driver is capable of figuring out that two
  VCs use the same mode however this breaks when running XF86_SVGA since X
  will reset the video mode to 640x480 when switching consoles, so it's turned

- XF86_SVGA doesn't know about other modes so it will only redraw the portion
  of the framebuffer equivalent to 640x480 on a console switch. This needs to
  be fixed in the X server, for now just do a manual refresh.

Other than that, I've been using this code for at least a month now with no
problems. FYI my machine is an AS200 with a 24plane (ZLXp-2) TGA card.

My primary motivation for doing this is that I have a fixed-frequency monitor
hence the preset mode functionality. Please test how well switching between
multiple modes actually works since I cant really tell :-).

Command line options


for a list of preset mode names see the source. You can also use fbset to
switch modes.

Enjoy and let me know how you get on!

Martin Lucina

[ Could someone please forward this to axp-list@redhat.com which I am not
subscribed to. Thanks. ]
Martin Lucina http://www.kotelna.sk/mato/ Wellington, New Zealand
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