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Unstable, Multia, XF86_S3

I've been running the "stable" Debian/Alpha version for a while now, with
very good success.

I then made the seeming mistake of figuring that since:
a) Alpha "stable" has been working out very well, and
b) I've got a box running bleeding-edge Debian/IA-32 that has been working
out reasonably successfully, 
it might be a nifty idea to move up to "potato," and thereby get fresher
libs, and, more notably, a fresher X server.

I "apt-get"-downloaded the updated packages last night, and then went
through the bits of manual contortion (ar, and manually invoking
installation scripts) so as to get libc 6.1, apt 0.3.4, and libc++, which
permitted clean installation of the remainder of the upgraded packages.

Unfortunately, this seems to *severely* break the X server.

Two severe symptoms:
a) It periodically "blanks out," with things reappearing as soon as I press
a key.
b) X server often doesn't seem to want to stay running for more than moments.
c) Probably related to b, I get an XDM session going, and programs (Gnome,
WindowMaker, Emacs) start running, but then things stop cold, as the
connection to XDM on remote box gets lost.  The X server reports:
"XDM: too many keepalive transmissions, declaring session died."

Does this mean that may be "not ready for prime time"?  Have others
hit this sort of thing?  Is this some sort of Multia-related flakiness?

Do I perhaps need to do some aggressive tuning of /etc/X11/XF86Config?
That's not been needed before; the only tuning of the output of xf86config
that I've normally needed has been to pick favored mode information...
Christopher B. Browne, cbbrowne@hex.net, chris_browne@sabre.com
Web: http://www.ntlug.org/~cbbrowne  SAP Basis Consultant, UNIX Guy
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