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Re: installation problem when installing device driver modules

Janina Sajka wrote:

> I can't even get as far with my install attempt. I have Slink, and have
> tried both CD and floppy installs. With the CD the error is that the
> system doesn't know how to uncompress the archive--a .gz. With the floppy
> install I get:
> Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 02:00

  This happened to me too: Bad floppies. No really. I had a bit of trouble where my
machine completely refused to either start loading the second floppy or didnt recognize
/ when it did. Cure: Fresh floppies and the 'correct' invocation to dump the disk
images to disk as per the Debian Alpha installation manual:

# dd if=root1440.bin of=/dev/fd0 bs=512 conv=sync ; sync

  It is worth a try if you didn't already as the Debian docs tells about people
repeatedly having problems with bad boot floppies on Alpha. I have no idea about the CD
problems though. See



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