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Re: KDE 1.1.1 debs

Quoting Andreas Trottmann <andreas.trottmann@werft22.com>:

> Hi!
> As the "generic" source tars for KDE 1.1.1 were already debianized (this
> time even with the correct version number in the changelog), I almost
> wouldn't have had anything to do. There was just a bug in the kderules
> script in just about every package that made the docs end up in the wrong
> place which I worked around (and submitted to the package maintainer)


> * kdm seems to work this time. Horray! [not that it would be my merit
>   though...]

would you be willing to try a recompile with my debian/ subscructure?  I have
done alot of work cleaning up the original build stuff that Stephen had in there
including migrating kdm out of kdebase (so that it's not required to have kdm to
use kwm) and also packaging up a few extras (khotkeys, kthememgr).  And the
biggest thing was migrating out of /usr/X11R6/bin and going into just /usr/bin.  


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