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Re: [Openstack-devel] New upstream release of python-testtools Re: [Openstack-devel] New version of python-fixtures for debian experimental Re: [Python-apps-commits] r9437 - in packages/pyflakes/trunk/debian (6 files) Re: [Python-apps-commits] r9456 - in packages/pyflakes/trunk/debian (7 files) Re: [Python-modules-team] Bug#699312: Bug#699312: pytest version in raring is old binary package naming for submodules (Bug#701192) Bug#700842: ITP: python-wsgilog -- WSGI logging and event reporting middleware Bug#701194: RFS: dparser-1.29-1 [ITP] -- a scannerless GLR parser generator Bug#701222: RFP: dnsgraph -- trace and graph all resolution paths for DNS names How does team maintenace of python module works? New upstream release of python-testtools Package adoptions Package upgrade needs deletion of config file in ~/ Packaging applications with extensions modules PIL/python-imaging becomes a python package and gets Python3 support Python Software Foundation: Python Trademark at Risk python-xlrd python3 and /usr/share Removing /usr/bin/nosetests-3.x scripts Re: Request to Join Project Python Modules Packaging Team from Ben Carrillo (kali-guest) RFR: python-astropy -- Core functionality for performing astrophysics with Python RFR: python-qrcode -- native python module to generate QR codes RFS: python-fdb/0.9.9-2 #697123 Setting http_proxy in debian/rules svn rm debian/source/local-options The last update was on 06:25 GMT Sat Jun 01. There are 230 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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