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Re: python3 and /usr/share

Am 20.02.2013 15:38, schrieb Olе Streicher:
> Hi,
> I am trying to create packages for Python3 for the source package
> [1]. Following the guide [2], I get some success. However, the packages
> for Python2 and Python3 differ significantly: in the Python2 package,
> all machine independent data go into /usr/share/, while the Python3
> package contains everything under /usr/lib/python3.

Having /usr/share/pyshared in Python2 is an implementation detail. This is never
used on sys.path directly.

> Is this intentional, or shall I change something in the rules to get a
> proper layout? I've investigated some other python3 packages, they all
> put everything in /usr/lib/python3/.

This is correct.

> However, this seems to contradict the FHS? What is the way to go here?

No, the FHS doesn't make any statement about code in /usr/share.


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