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binary package naming for submodules (Bug#701192)

[Barry Warsaw, 2013-02-22]
> DPP section 2.2 describes the policy for naming binary packages of
> Python packages, e.g. python-* and python3-*.  For packages with
> submodules in namespaces, e.g. zope.interface, the implied policy is
> to name it python-foo.bar and python3-foo.bar.  However, I've had some
> feedback from people that this should be explicitly stated, thus this
> bug
> Something like the following could be added to python-policy.sgml:
> "For subpackages such as <var>foo.bar</var>, the recommendation is to
> name the binary packages <package>python-<var>foo.bar</var></package>
> and <package>python3-<var>foo.bar</var></package>.

any objections?
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