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Re: Packaging applications with extensions modules

Stefano Rivera <stefanor@debian.org> wrote:

>Hi Scott (2013.02.23_00:17:30_+0200)
>> >> >* you can ship extensions for more than one 3.x version in the
>> >> >same private directory, thanks to tags
>> >> Does dh_python3 support such setup? (I would be very surprised if
>> >> did.)
>> >You have a point. That'd be non-trivial to support.
>> What's not supported? 
>Not all build systems append tags to the C extension file names, so if
>you install to the same directory in a pyversion loop, you may
>C extensions from earlier python versions.
>Not a problem for distutils, though. So, maybe that's only a very minor

dh_python3 does rewrite extension names with the tags. As an example,  python-qt4 uses this. 

Scott K

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