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Re: How does team maintenace of python module works?

Am 20.02.2013 00:53, schrieb Piotr Ożarowski:
> [Barry Warsaw, 2013-02-19]
>> So I still think it comes down to, them that does the work gets to
>> decide, but there *is* work to do.  It's clear we don't want multiple
>> vcses.  So I think you have an opportunity to convince us by:
>> * Doing a test migration and putting a test repo up so we can play with
>> it and see what it's like.
>> * Figure out whether full-source or debian/ only works better (maybe give
>> us both repos so we can play with them and discuss the pros and cons
>> from actual working examples).
>> * Put together draft policy and documentation to describe a workflow for
>> team maintenance of packages under git, including branching, pull
>> requests, code review, quilt integration, package building, etc.
>> * Work out how upstreams that are under other vcses would work.
>> * Provide a plan for a smooth flag day transition if/when consensus is
>> reached.
>> * Gather feedback, fix problems, rinse and repeat.
>> Once people are comfortable with how a git-based team repository would
>> work, I suspect you'll find more consensus to switch.
> +1

can we limit the packages in this ppa to those using dh_python[23] and those
supporting python3?


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