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Re: How does team maintenace of python module works?

On 02/21/2013 02:26 PM, Scott Kitterman wrote:
>> I undertand that learning Git after BZR is hard, because learning BZR after
>> Git is equally painful.  I think that the key difficulty is whether a
>> system is learned first or second, not the system itself.
>> This is where git-buildpackage is nice, as it re-implements the same user
>> experience as with svn-buildpackage, and therefore provides some kind of
>> upgrade path.
> I disagree.  Learning git is harder than all the others.  It doesn't matter 
> what order you learn them in.  If you look at the figures in point 10 of 
> http://steveko.wordpress.com/2012/02/24/10-things-i-hate-about-git/ (you can 
> largely substitute bzr for svn there and it won't get any more complex) and 
> tell me those are of equal complexity.
> For all it's power, the git U/I is just inconsistent and counter intuitive.  
> If you use it routinely, you get so you remember it and it seems easy.  If you 
> don't, you have to re-climb up the learning curve each time.  
> Scott K
I've learn first CVS. Then switch to Git. Then when I tried to learn bzr,
it was quite hard (and now I can't remember it at all). I always found
SVN something of the past, hard to use and stupid, because I never
took the time to learn it correctly (and in full honesty, I don't think
I should, as there are way better VCS out there). But I perfectly know
this comes *from me* and not the tool itself, which I know shouldn't
be harder to use than CVS, which I used for years.

So I deeply agree with Charles here.

Also, for this point 10, the author completely skipped alltogether
the very reason why Git needs more commands: because it doesn't
do network access all the time. Only when you ask it to do so. And
because I worked with launchpad BZR from China, with about 5 KB/s
of bandwidth to it available (when I could connect at all...), I can tell
you that it is really important. Lucky, launchpad.com has nicer
connectivity now, but that's not what I'm debating. With BZR, I wouldn't
be able to work in the train without my 3G connection opened...

This debate can go on, and on, and on forever. It will go nowhere.
We got the point that you find Git difficult, and like bzr more.
I don't think posting such wrong argumentation helps.

Moreover, ease of use is *not* the main point of any software (it does
seem to me that this is your main point). Sometimes, convenience
means that you do need to learn to later be more efficient.



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