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Re: How does team maintenace of python module works?

On Feb 16, 2013, at 05:10 PM, Thomas Goirand wrote:

>3) Upstream uses Git, and I have already lots of git things inside my
>package and workflow (I already explained, I have no choice at all),
>plus I know there's others willing to use Git, and not having the
>possibility to do team work with them because of some member resisting
>would be a bit silly.

FWIW, the upstreams of the packages I maintain are in bzr, and I even maintain
packaging branches in bzr (mostly for purposes of testing).  It's not *that*
hard to switch gears and work in svn, but that might be because for me at
least, bzr and svn are matches than git and svn.

>If others see it that way, then they are missing the main point, which
>is I have absolutely no choice of the VCS, given how much my packaging
>work is intertwined with what upstream is using.

This is true across the board though, and it has nothing to do with git.  I
regularly run into upstreams that use all three dvcses, *and* svn, *and*
(thankfully much more rare now) cvs.

I understand that it's difficult to shift down into svn when you have a
workflow and toolchain that is so specifically geared to git.  But OTOH, we're
just talking about the debian/ directories in the team svn repo, so is it
really that difficult to stick with svn for that directory?  (I agree that we
could probably improve the documentation on how to do so effectively.)


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