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Re: RFR: python-qrcode -- native python module to generate QR codes

* Cornelius Kölbel <cornelius.koelbel@lsexperts.de>, 2013-02-14, 16:53:

Link to .dsc for the lazy:
http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/q/qrcode/qrcode_2.4.2-1.dsc (2.4.2-1)

Please drop the preinst script. It's purpose was to clean up after python-central in lenny. But this package obvious hasn't been in lenny and have never used python-central.

unexporting *FLAGS in d/rules makes little sense, given that this package is pure-Python, and therefore isn't affected by any of those.

"pedantic […] error" is an oxymoron… But anyway, I don't see a point in mentioning in the changelog that you fixed issues reported, given that this is an initial upload.

lintian emits:
P: python-qrcode: no-upstream-changelog

There's CHANGES.rst, you might want to install it as upstream changelog.

Shipping README.rst is probably a good idea, too.

lintian4python emits:
w: qrcode source: xs-python-version-current-is-deprecated
i: qrcode source: python-provides-considered-harmful python-qrcode
i: qrcode source: python-stdeb-boilerplate debian/rules:3 "This file was automatically generated by stdeb 0.6.0"
w: python-qrcode: xb-python-version-is-deprecated

Please see Developer's References §6.2.3 for guidelines for package descriptions.

The manual page leaves a bit to be desired:
- It doesn't document the --factory option.
- The manpage title (the first argument to .TH) should be written in uppercase; and it should certainly should not be "man".
- The "COMMON OPTIONS" section should be renamed as "OPTIONS".
- The "INTERNET SOURCES" section should be probably renamed as "SEE ALSO" (but I'm not sure it's worth including it at all).
- man-pages(7) strongly discourages "AUTHOR(S)" sections.

Jakub Wilk

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