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Re: Removing /usr/bin/nosetests-3.x scripts

On 02/22/2013 07:28 AM, Dmitry Shachnev wrote:
> Hi,
> As discussed yesterday on IRC, nose's /usr/bin/nosetests-3.x scripts are
> broken (provided only for python3 version(s) that was/were default on
> build time), and instead of writing hacks to fix that we have decided to
> instead remove those scripts and make packages use
> "python3.x /usr/bin/nosetests3" instead (note: this will only affect
> experimental for now).
> After looking at all packages that build-depend on python3-nose, I've
> identified these packages as needing fix:
> - beautifulsoup4 (autopkgtests, only SVN trunk is affected) (uploader: Stefano Rivera)
> - cssutils (debian/rules) (active uploader: Charlie Smotherman)
> - python-flexmock (debian/rules) (uploader: Stefano Rivera)
> - python-markdown (debian/rules and autopkgtests) (my package)
> Thankfully all these packages are team-maintained, so I've pushed fixes
> to the SVN.

did you also check the autopkgtest directories?
e.g. pyzmq in svn (not yet uploaded) currently uses nosetests-3.x in the
autopkgtests but not in debian/rules.

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