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Re: How does team maintenace of python module works?

On 02/14/2013 08:52 PM, Thomas Kluyver wrote:
> Please don't be put off by the somewhat hostile atmosphere that seems to
> be an unfortunate feature of this list. There seem to be historical
> tensions between some of the senior members.
> Thomas

It is indeed not a very welcoming start at all.

Was there some tensions because some of the team members wished to
switch to Git, and there was some resistance against it? What do I miss?

(sorry, I have no time to read all the list archive...)

On 02/14/2013 08:50 PM, Sandro Tosi wrote:
>> IMO, it's not very nice that you don't at least give the choice, and
>> impose an inferior VCS, especially considering that most (in fact,
>> currently *absolutely all*) upstream authors of the python modules I
>> maintain are using Git (and github), which makes it quit convenient
>> to use Git.
>> Is there a valid reason despite history? Is there a chance that this
>> rule may be reconsidered? It'd be really nice, as I'm sure I
>> wouldn't be the only one happy with such decision.
> please stop the discussion now, and accept what the team is currently
> using.

Sandro, I have some problems with such an answer, especially when I
tried to remain polite. This is an incentive so that I change my tone as
well, and that's not what I would expect from Debian packaging teams.

You can't just throw away my (IMO valid) arguments and say "it's like
that, don't complain or go away, plus I wont bother explaining why".
Because that's basically what you just wrote. Using another wording,
maybe, but that's exactly the same meaning.

Also, if you're fine to use SVN, it's your right, and I do respect it
(even if I think it's going 10 years backward). I will also try as much
as I can to use SVN for existing packages within the team, I think
that's the least I can do.

But nobody can force me into using SVN for the packages which I want to
maintain (and for the reasons I already explained). If there is a bunch
of people who wishes to collectively maintain a bunch of python module
packages using Git, there's nothing you can do to prevent it. If this
can't be done inside the python module team, because of some hostile
members, I think it's a shame. And indeed, I'll go away and package
these using another repository, outside of the team...

During these exchanges, I have already found that there's at least 4
people (including myself) who would like to use Git. And that's without
including all the members of the Openstack packaging team, who might
also help. Do you think that we should form another Alioth project for
that? Wouldn't that be silly? What are the alternatives that you see, if
we are a lot of people willing to do python module team maintenance
using Git?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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