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Re: python3 and /usr/share

On 20 February 2013 14:38, Olе Streicher <debian-devel@liska.ath.cx> wrote:
I am trying to create packages for Python3 for the source package
[1]. Following the guide [2], I get some success. However, the packages
for Python2 and Python3 differ significantly: in the Python2 package,
all machine independent data go into /usr/share/, while the Python3
package contains everything under /usr/lib/python3.

The Python code itself goes into /usr/lib/python3 now - as I understand it, /usr/share/pyshared was a workaround that's not needed for Python 3. If the package includes actual data files, they should still go into /usr/share.

If it has a lot of data files, it might be worth splitting them into a -data or -common package that the Python 2 & 3 packages both depend on. IPython & matplotlib both use this: ipython3-notebook depends on ipython-notebook-common, and python3-matplotlib depends on python-matplotlib-data.

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