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Re: How does team maintenace of python module works?

Thomas Goirand scrisse:

> I've found that having a debian/rules entry called "get-vcs-source"
> which gets what is needed from upstream works quite nicely. Our
> workflow is described here:
> http://openstack.alioth.debian.org/
> The idea to use "git archive" was mostly from Julien Danjou. It's
> very nice because that way, we can use xz compression, instead
> of what upstream provides (that is, github .zip or .tar.gz, which
> isn't the best). It's also quite nice because that way, it's possible
> to tag a specific commit and package that as upstream release.
> This is mostly why I think using Git is convenient, so I really would
> like this to be part of the draft.

This may suit well for the openstack scenario, however in general I
could see at least two shortcomings:
* pristine upstream tarballs are not used (see the first "should" in
  devref §
* it assumes that no tarball generation process (eg. make dist) is

I'm not sure how much impact they have on normal python-team workflow,

Cheers, Luca

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