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Re: RFR: python-qrcode -- native python module to generate QR codes

Am 19.02.2013 23:34, schrieb Jakub Wilk:
> * Cornelius Kölbel <cornelius.koelbel@lsexperts.de>, 2013-02-18, 18:05:
> Why do you include compressed README and changelog in debian? :/
> You probably should use dh_installdoc and dh_installchangelog to
> install them, not dh_install.
Hi Jakub,

I managed to use debian/python-qrcode.docs to install the upstream
packages own README.rst.
But I am lost with the dh_installchangelogs.
I am not sure how to add the upstream changelog without change the
default simple debian/rules file?
Do you have any hint on this?

Thanks a lot and kind regards

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