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Re: How does team maintenace of python module works?

On Feb 16, 2013, at 05:51 PM, Scott Kitterman wrote:

>You'd also have to get some consensus around full source or debian directory
>only branches.  I don't think we can split on that either.


>Personally, I've found nothing but frustration from trying to manage both
>Debian packaging and upstream code in the same repository.  I know other
>people have different views, but that's been my experience.

And I'm just the opposite, but I might be only one of a dozen people in the
world who actually uses bzr source branches daily, and likes them. :)

OTOH, there's no doubt there are rough edges.  Heck, I would even support a
transition to git if the workflow were largely similar to Ubuntu's source
branches, but with better quilt integration.  To me, something like that is my
packaging nirvana.


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