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Re: How does team maintenace of python module works?

On Thursday, February 21, 2013 11:12:58 AM Chow Loong Jin wrote:
> On 21/02/2013 01:59, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> > I've done the boring bits enough that my fingers mostly do them without
> > much attention from my brain.  If I were going to abandon my current
> > approach, I'd have to see significant advantages for a new way and I
> > don't.
> Somehow I can only read this as: "I've done things manually all this while
> and it works for me, so go away and don't bother me because I don't see any
> advantages in having things automated."

If the automation actually made things easier, I'd be in favor of it.  I used 
to manually tag uploads in svn for DPMT/PAPT because I didn't trust svn-
buildpackage.  Then I learned it a bit better and started using it because it 
was easier.  Then I learned debcommit -r -R and it was even easier.

I'm all for easy.  I have yet to see a full source (regardless of VCS) or git 
workflow that I didn't find more complex and harder to remember/do correctly 
than what we have now.  I really don't care about what the new hotness is.  It 
actually needs to be better and not just cooler.  For me, a lot of better is 

Scott K

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