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[no subject] Re: (unknown) 1024x768 resolution assistance [Kde 3.5.0] problem with ë etc Re: [Kde 3.5.0] problem with ë etc Re: problem with ë etc Re: [Kde 3.5.0] problem with ë etc [KDE3.5] kmail, INBOX namespace and subscriptions Re: afternoons artsd sound recorder directly saving to wav? Re: authorship the best way to handle multimedia keys under KDE 3.5 Bug #120717 has been committed can not use "the KDE sound system" in notifications can't log out Compose in xorg 6.9 Degree = prestige! desktop problem DVD burner shown as a HD Re: dynamo error Composite extension not found Re: The GTK Qt engine needs to be patched. Helping the Debian Qt/KDE team hey debian-kde How do you stop "auto-selection" in KDE? Re: How do you stop "auto-selection" in KDE? (SOLVED!) how to set a screen resolution javaapplet kills my konqueror and kwin k3b and k3blibs missing dependencies on Sid? Karin Kde and Zeroconf Re: KDE Freezes and exits Re: KDE froze 1/2 way through startup after upgrade [SOLVED] KDE medium type notification does not work any more for the USB stick KDE-Krfb or Thunderbird problem? kded from kdelibs 3.5.1 crashing kdelibs4 vs. kdelibs4c2 Klipper and VIm causes problems KMail + certificate KMail 1.8.3 "Inline-OpenPGP" Kmail 1.9.1 (KDE 3.5) 'save attachments' productivity loss KMail 1.9.1 header bug Kmail lost Filter Mark as Ham icon after upgrade kmail prefix folder Kmail settings of first account change automatically KNode Version 0.10.1 dies on multipart/signed messages. KOffice 1.5 alpha packages for Sarge konqueror heavy swapping Re: konqueror heavy swapping +kicker and log-in errors Konqueror, Openoffice and Mplayer konqueror/kio_ftp and multiple connections Konsole root session ignores bash completion Kontact / Kmail crash on start up kontact: todo-mails in summary view? Kopete can't connect after upgrading KPPP FAils To Connect But WVDIAL Works LDAP schema for kaddressbook? Making Info List View the default? matrox G550 driver doesn't support xserver 6.9.0 Media control applet no public key Notification : Uncleanable Virus Detected Only a few fonts available optimizing for stability? Problem with KAddressBook / KOrganizer and IMAP groupware Problems after upgrading up to kde 3.5 Problems with hal, devices and udev Problems with kmail and a email account reload konquerors proxy settings Render acceleration ATI Radeon Mobile 9100 send in mail action missing? Sid, K3b and the "automounter" conflicting. Simple video editor for KDE Spellchecker accepts too many incorrectly spelled words Startup problem on fresh KDE 3.5 install suspend2 support troubles with amarok twofer: wallpaper and KDE for etch Unble to fully install KDE Unpack kdelibs-data unsubscribe Upgrading KDE gives odd and non-invasive error. Window mini-icon (kwin) yet another mass bug filing on GFDL issues ? zeroconf? The last update was on 13:52 GMT Fri Jun 21. There are 286 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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